Driven by the Challenge

Ever since 5th Grade, I have lived my life based on 5 things: To learn, To teach, To help, To create, and to let people feel heard. I believe that everybody’s story should be heard, and that everyone should be given a chance.
When I joined the 40 famine for the first time when I was 10, I was inspired by the cause and driven by the challenge. Since then I have participated in the 40 hour famine annually without hesitation. Partially for the challenge, or for the chance to persuade my friends into something. But mostly, its because I know. I know that if I even raise that $100 I can feed a family for week. Sadly, I also know that those 40 hours I deprive myself of the technology and luxuries of my world, I will not even come close to understanding the world that I am raising money for. I can only begin to become grateful for the things that I take for granted. 

When I participate in the 40 hour famine, I sleep in my tent outside, or on the floor. I give up food and technology. ( Usually I also convince my friends into doing it with me, much to their dismay) I always catch my self wishing for the hours to be over and I won’t lie and say I don’t join in when my friends all complain about the horrors of life without wifi. But I always stop and think, these kids I am fundraising for, have it worse every day of their lives-but they don’t complain, and they don’t whine. They accept that this is life. 

The luxuries of my world aren’t always enough, and Im sure there are times when they aren’t enough for you either, but we all think that happiness isn’t something we deserve but something that comes when life is going great, but it can’t last forever. The children of Wold Vision has helped show me that yes, happiness is not a gift, but it WILL come if you ask it to. These children are the happiest, most grateful beings to live and they haven’t had a privileged life like mine. They don’t always get to go to school, or have clean water, food on the table, but they always have a smile on their face. They have built a sense of community on their essential happiness because that what it take to survive in a place without the basic neccessities. The can see the good in people and they will offer help to each other even when they don’t have help to give. It really does make you stop and think about the things that it takes to make you happy and if they really are necessary in your life to achieve the same outcome. 

Please Donate to the 40 Hour Famine and help change lives forever!  Please go to this webpage and click “give now”